Individual, Partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC Tax Return Preparation

Today’s tax laws are complicated and filing a return can be confusing.

Your returns will be checked and rechecked to ensure accuracy.

Electronic filing.

Make sure that deductions are not overlooked and that all credits to which you are entitled are taken.


Small Business Tax Planning and Preparation

To put plan in place, I encourage the small business to prepare budget for the present and upcoming years.

Based on results, a plan is put into place to minimize your tax liability.

Anticipated estimated tax payments are projected to provide to you with the anticipated cash that you will need to make the anticipated quarterly tax payments.


Entity Selection

Determining which form of entity is most suitable for your business.


Form 1099 Preparation

Advise on all entities that require Form 1099 reporting and prepare year-end forms in January of following year.


Sales and Use Tax Returns

Prepare all sales and use tax returns for your business.


Estimated Quarterly Tax Payments

Meet quarterly to review your quarterly income and expenses. Your taxable income is computed and I prepare the estimated payments that need to be made to the IRS and your state to avoid being assessed penalties and interest.


Representation to IRS

My firm is registered and in good standing with the IRS. I can help you with:

Communicating with IRS on your behalf protecting your rights, privileges, or liabilities under laws and regulations administered by the IRS.

Represent taxpayer at conference, hearing or meeting with the IRS.

Prepare and file documents including tax returns with the IRS.

Provide written advice that has potential for tax avoidance.